Growers today understand that adjusting the pH of their hydroponic nutrient solutions is critical for allowing their plants to absorb nutrients efficiently. While there are many formulas for pH control available on the market, not all are created equal. Botanicare pH Up and pH Down contain potassium hydroxide and phosphoric acid respectively, which are two of the most simple and effective substances for hydroponic pH control. Some formulas contain compounds such as citric acid and potassium carbonate, which do temporarily raise or lower pH, but because these substances are classified as weak acids and bases, they do not maintain a stable pH for an appreciable length of time.

Technically speaking, weak acids and bases do not fully dissociate, meaning that only a portion of the molecules added to the nutrient solution contribute to pH adjustment. Potassium hydroxide and phosphoric acid are stronger bases and acids than potassium carbonate and citric acid respectively, and completely dissociate in solution, allowing them to have a much longer-lasting effect on solution pH.

Botanicare pH Up and pH Down are also highly concentrated so, as a grower, you receive the most use out of every bottle purchased drop-for-drop. We also add no unnecessary dyes to the products, only the necessary components to adjust solution pH. Furthermore, because of the high concentration of acid and base in pH Up and pH Down, you can safely control pH by adding only a few drops to your hydroponic solution without significantly affecting its nutrient composition.


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By Connor Osgood


  • Daniel Stein August 7, 2016

    Why does your nutrient calculator not work at the moment?

    • Botanicare (Post author) August 15, 2016

      We’re not seeing any issues. Which part of the calculator are you having issues with?