The CNS17 series is a high quality, mineral based, nutrient system that yields premium results at an economical price.

Grow & Bloom
CNS17 is extremely concentrated and contains all seventeen essential elements necessary for growing fruiting and flowering crops. Most nutrient systems are comprised of multiple parts, which prevent certain elements from precipitating or “falling out of solution,” in their highly concentrated state. The proprietary suspension technology used in CNS17 makes it possible for this formulation to contain sufficient concentrations of all the essential elements in a single bottle while remaining available for plant uptake.

CNS17 Ripe was developed to meet the needs of fruiting and flowering plants during the ripening period ensuring maximum crop size and yield potential every round. Replacing your CNS17 Bloom nutrient with CNS17 Ripe during the final two weeks before harvest adjusts the nitrogen to a minimum level while leaving the phosphorous and potassium at ideal ranges. This specialty formula promotes and enhances the critical final stages of fruits and flowers by increasing flower density and size.

• True one part formulas.
• Economically priced.
• Highly soluble formula excels in DWC, Aeroponic, and NFT systems.

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