Pure Blend® Pro


The Pure Blend Pro Series provides growers with the benefits of organic growing in an easy to use, one part, water soluble fertilizer.

Each formula is a blend of natural minerals and organic extracts combined with a complex vitamin and amino acid base that is easily absorbed by plants. Premium organic acids and minerals are blended in combination with precise amounts of select trace elements, organic plant extracts, and ultra soluble humates to create an exceptionally balanced food source for your plants, and essential beneficial microbes.

For use in hydroponic systems, Pure Blend Pro Bloom provides plants with all essential major, secondary, and trace minerals needed for fast growth and vigorous crop development. This highly concentrated and versatile bloom formula is completely water-soluble, and is readily absorbed by plants in all hydroponic growing methods.

Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil Formula was developed for plants cultivated in soil or coco based mediums which require higher levels of phosphorus and potassium. This media specific formula meets these unique requirements and feeds your plants and the soil they grow in.

• Natural and organic-based nutrient for optimal flavor and aromas.
• Will not cause clogging or buildup.
• Easy to use one part formulas.

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